Families in Transition: Know Where to Turn for Help

Divorce is a family affair. Even an amicable divorce creates tension and instability between adults. In a chronically unstable or dramatic setting, children suffer in ways often not realized until they reach adulthood. Knowing where to get help for your family in transition is important.

In Hartford, The Children’s Law Center (CLC) plays an important role in providing advocacy services for low-income children enduring transitional family circumstances. Marking 20 years of support to children and their parents, the CLC offers programs to protect children moving through adversarial proceedings with their families.

As part of their mandate, the CLC assists families in transition with low-cost mediation services that include:

  • A trained mediation team experienced with legal, mental health, and family court issues
  • Informal, low-conflict settings to discuss parenting time and custodial disputes
  • Mediation service to resolve conflicts outside of a lengthy and expensive court process
  • Confidential assistance with learning communication and conflict resolution techniques for future use
  • Affordable, sliding scale fees
  • Opportunity to make future use of CLC programs and services when needed

During a transition or difficult times, children and their relationships with parents can be damaged. Strongly supporting families and children in our community, attorney Pamela M. Magnano, a member of our firm, serves on the Board of Directors of the CLC.

Beyond mediation, the CLC offers other services including free information on law concerning the rights of children, legal advocacy for children, and support to attorneys who represent children.

High conflict hurts children. If you need family law information concerning children in Connecticut, speak with an attorney with our firm or the CLC.