Connecticut Initiates Pilot Program for Limited Attorney Representation

Beginning in January, the state of Connecticut implemented a pilot program intended to provide limited legal help to people who might otherwise avoid seeking or using legal services in family court.

Family law matters, like divorce, can lead to big lifetime changes for an individual and his or her family. With the recent economic downturn and the sustained financial damage it caused, some people are unable to afford legal assistance when navigating the family law court system.

Experienced legal advice during any court proceeding is important. While legal counsel is not required to use the courts, self-representation too often leads to poor outcomes. In family court, adverse outcomes that affect child custody, financial support, or property division can have lifelong impacts.

To address the increasing number of people in family court proceedings without legal counsel, Limited Appearance Representation is now available through a pilot program established by the Chief Court Administrator. 

Limited appearance representation means attorneys and their clients agree in writing to specific services to be provided. Services could include:

  • Representation at a specific court hearing or proceeding
  • Provision of legal advice about a particular legal issue or the family court process
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Legal coaching services to help a party handle a hearing or trial setting

While some matters may lend themselves to limited representation, high-conflict or particularly complex legal cases are better served by retaining legal counsel.

Experienced legal advice makes a tremendous difference in family law and other legal matters. When you have questions about legal representation, speak with an established Connecticut family law firm.