When the New Year Brings Divorce

For many, this holiday season brought recognition that the party is over and so is the marriage. If you are considering divorce in Connecticut as the new year begins, you are not alone.

The first quarter of the year is inherently the season of change. Out with the old and in with the new applies to exercise habits, tax records, and sometimes, marital status. Although stories about holiday breakups are common, there are meaningful reasons people opt for initiating divorce in at the beginning of the year.

Some of those reasons for divorce include:

  • Holiday reflection: The holiday season inevitably offers time for introspection about life, the future, and the past. For an individual, or a couple, time to reflect brings comparisons about personal happiness and directions for the future. Few people wish to disturb their lives, family, and friends with a newly filed divorce. Famously known as a time for new resolve, January often offers a solid starting point after a season of doubt.
  • Finances: Filing for divorce in or close to January creates a clear financial dividing line for taxes and may include income received in the form of gifts or bonus monies during the holiday season.
  • Timing: Divorce initiated at the beginning of the year does not create a negative association with the holidays nor impose itself yet on the summer. Hard decisions made in coming winter months make way for a new season in the spring. While the divorce process may endure into the year, the larger transition associated with divorce occurs in the first few months after separation and filing.

If considering divorce in the New Year, our experienced Connecticut legal counsel helps you navigate the process and provides strong representation when you need it.