Will Mediation Work for You?

The Flaherty Legal Group LLC has represented family law clients throughout West Hartford for decades. Our clients and the people they refer to our practice understand our commitment to finding the best outcome possible for those moving through divorce or custody issues. For some couples, mediation is a good option. How do you know if you should try mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Typically, ADR methods are used to reduce conflict and legal costs and increase satisfaction with divorce agreements and parenting arrangements. You can generally expect the following in a mediated divorce:

  • Private, informal negotiations
  • Access to legal counsel and support during the mediation process
  • An experienced, neutral mediator
  • Faster results with more creative solutions likely to suit your lifestyle and your family compared with court-ordered arrangements
  • Preservation of wealth because of the reduced financial outlay for legal expenses

While mediation is generally a good option, it does not suit all parties or circumstances. Mediation is often not the best avenue under the following circumstances:

  • Allegations of domestic violence have been made.
  • Either party feels coerced into participating or is intimidated by in-person meetings with a spouse.
  • One or both parties have intractable opinions or feelings about issues of divorce.
  • Fraud or criminal wrongdoing is a factor in the divorce.
  • One or both parties are not capable of compromise.
  • The parties are engaged in, or are likely to become engaged in a high-conflict divorce.

Every couple and each divorce is different. Mediation may or may not be the best option in your case. If considering mediated divorce, speak with an experienced family law attorney in West Hartford.