Three Reasons Why Legal Representation is Important for a Connecticut Uncontested Divorce

Making the decision to pursue an uncontested divorce does not mean spouses agree on all of the issues. While it has distinct advantages, uncontested divorce is not necessarily simple or problem-free. With few exceptions, divorcing couples fare better by retaining legal support to guide them through the complex legal process.

Even a quick review of the legal procedures described in the Do It Yourself Divorce Guide published by the Judicial Branch of the State of Connecticut shows many reasons for placing the entire process in the hands of a knowledgeable lawyer:

  1. Complexity of documents: Even identifying the document requirements for your unique set of circumstances can be overwhelming, whereas a skilled attorney can handle the paperwork as a matter of course.
  2. Dealing with court orders: As soon as you file the complaint or you are served with the summons and complaint, you are subject to many strict requirements regarding your property and children. With legal representation, you can remain within the boundaries of all applicable court orders.
  3. Negotiating the terms of the divorce: Whatever reasons you have to seek divorce, you and your spouse clearly do not live in perfect harmony. Even if you believe you can come to agreement on the terms of your divorce, negotiations can quickly reveal that you have major areas of discord, particularly where the children are concerned. An attorney with experience in divorce mediation or other forms of alternate dispute resolution knows how to help bridge the gap on these vital issues.

At Flaherty Legal Group in West Hartford, we normally attempt to negotiate an equitable settlement in an uncontested divorce before leaving vital decisions in the hands of a judge. Divorce attorneys James Flaherty, Pamela Magnano and Sandi Girolamo are dedicated to understanding your wishes for the divorce settlement and skilled at negotiating with the other side. We keep your best interest at the forefront throughout the process.