Being Smart about Social Media During Divorce

Even amicable divorce is rarely simple. During the process of dissolution feelings and finances come into play, and when an estranged spouse and a new love are tagged in a picture on Facebook, more than sparks can fly.

Consider these points about social media and divorce:

  • Information and content on Facebook are produced and used in many divorce proceedings.
  • Anything you post online can and likely will be used against you in an adversarial divorce or custody matter.
  • Online content offers information about your financial and emotional status, and in some cases, your physical whereabouts. During a divorce with a potential for abuse, stalking, violence and lost privacy can be dangerous.
  • The intent of even a brief online post can become a hotly debated issue if the text or picture infers that information you have provided previously to the court is false.

If social media is your only means to connect with friends, it may become important for you to develop ways to speak with friends and gain needed support without the aid of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or other social media accounts.

The best advice about social media during divorce is not to use it. Unfortunately, isolation is an unintended side effect of smart divorce in the age of social media. But cautious or highly restrained use of social media is a better alternative than being accused of slander, poor parenting or financial waste by an unhappy spouse during a divorce proceeding.

If concerned about divorce or something you posted or found on social media, speak with experienced divorce counsel in Connecticut.